Barton’s journey as BTA Business Manager

The request for Wycliffe Australia to invest in mentoring Barton Maino, Business Manager of Bible Translation Association (BTA) of Papua New Guinea, was a direct response to the question of what is that next step for BTA and how can Wycliffe Australia be a partner in that.

Barton shares his story as Business Manager of BTA since May 2015:

Since assuming the role of Business Development Manager at PNG BTA in May 2015, it has been a very challenging and rewarding journey. Firstly, BTA did not have a fundraising arm to generate revenue in-country to support the work of Bible translation when it was established in July 1980. Most of the funds were received from international partners to support its administrative and field operations.

The path that we are now taking to fundraise in the country is a new initiative at BTA and we have had to overcome so many challenges to be where we are now. This is not to say we as the fundraising arm is fully functional and efficient. Hence, my time at the Wycliffe Australia National Centre at Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, in August 2015 was a great learning experience for me. I was exposed to the different departments or sections at Wycliffe Australia, but more importantly to the revenue raising initiatives it operates. For example, the lodging and conference facilities at the National Centre and how they are run and managed was a plus for BTA as I was able to apply some of the things learnt to our guest house and conference facility. We have picked up on generating revenue from these sources at BTA and we are also looking into developing other products and services and investment into other business opportunities.

We have also embarked on minor and major fundraising activities such as a garage sale held after my return from Wycliffe Australia last year which netted K3000+. We are still in the process of planning three major yearly fundraising activities. One success story this year was our first ever BTA Thanksgiving celebration on 27 August. The figure raised and monies still coming in stands at K121, 000+. We have therefore decided to have the thanksgiving celebration on a yearly basis with the second one planned for July 2017.

I am grateful to Wycliffe Australia for the support given to me by allowing me to have a three weeks orientation at the National Centre, Kangaroo Ground last year and also co-funding my Financial Development Course run by OM at Upper Plenty Conference Centre in August of this year. Such investment into BTA capacity building has and will continue to develop BTA into a financially independent organisation so that BTA can be a blessing to other translation organisations.

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About the Author: Barton Maino is the business manager of Bible Translation Association (BTA) of Papua New Guinea

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