Finance & Compliance

There have been many opportunities to exercise prayer and patience when dealing with finances, computer systems, projects and people! God has answered many prayers, and has helped us to be patient and even to have a measure of joy as we have interacted with each other and with programmers to improve the way we handle the Lord’s money. It is great to see the donations now going direct from the website into our system, in a secure way, without us having to handle credit card details as we have for many years.


Rodney and Suzanne Gynther

It was a sad time when our Finance Manager, Rodney Gynther, died of cancer during this period. However God provided other capable staff to take his place.

We are frequently being asked to find new ways to handle finances and to report financial information. These requests come from government and from others. And we need to relate in new ways on the international scene, with increased accountability. This comes at a time when our international alliance partners are changing their system, and we need to be able to connect with them. Thus we are working at making a major change in our system. Please pray with us as we work on this. It will require much wisdom, skill and patience as we interact with people around the world.

View the total donations from different sources in 2015 and 2016

View the 2016 Financial Report submitted to ACNC

mem_harley-marjAbout the Author: Harley Beck is the Head of the Finance & Compliance Department. 

Thanks for your patience...

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