Public Relations Specialist



Do you like to interact with people from other cultures? Come to Cameroon and meet people from many cultures and help them to understand the work SIL and CABTAL are doing in Cameroon.


  • Plan and direct development and communication of information designed to keep public informed of the organisation’s programs, accomplishments, and/or point of view.
  • Arrange for public relations efforts to meet needs, objectives, and policies of individuals, special interest groups, business concerns, nonprofit organizations, and/or governmental agencies, serving as an in-house staff member or as an outside consultant.
  • Prepare and distribute fact sheets, news releases, photographs, scripts, motion pictures, or tape recordings to media representatives and other persons who may be interested in learning about or publicizing the organisation’s activities and/or message.
  • Purchase advertising space and time as required.
  • Arrange for and conduct public contact programs designed to meet organisation’s objectives.
  • Promote goodwill through such publicity efforts as speeches, exhibits, films, tours, and/or question/answer sessions.


  • Public relations experience recommended.
  • MS Office applications and /or Open Office.
  • Previous multicultural experience helpful.
  • French language skills.


Please contact us to discuss any training plans. Future training pathways will take into account any previous training and work experiences as well as your intended duration of service. Flexible options are available including online and on-field training.

  • A minimum of one year (or equivalent) at Bible college.
  • Six weeks’ language and culture training called Launch.
  • Orientation workshops, held at our National Centre in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria.

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Public Relations Specialist

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