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Picture an area about the size of Victoria, to the north and north-east of Alice Springs, and that’s where you’ll hear the Alyawarr language being spoken. About 1800 people speak Alyawarr, pronounced “al YAH wa ra”, but written literacy is much less common.

“Many are not likely to learn to read their own language or to develop a reading habit, no matter how much literacy and Scripture use work we do,” Wycliffe member David Blackman said. He has been working with the Alyawarr since 1991, and, together with the Scripture engagement team, he sees audio recordings as crucial in helping more people connect with the gospel.

An Alyawarr recording of the Gospel of Luke is proving highly effective as a language learning tool and in Bible studies, so now the team want to record 1 & 2 Thessalonians and James, costing $2,330.
The Scriptures will be voiced by Derek Peterson, a local Christian whose good community standing means the production should be well-received.

Translating two more books of the Bible – 1 & 2 Timothy – into Alyawarr is another high priority. As in the early church, issues can arise amongst Alyawarr believers due to lack of understanding or access to Scripture.

“Some church leaders still teach predominantly from the Gospels, so there is little growth in the life of remote churches,” David said. “Some are also unwilling or unable to disciple new believers who are not close relatives, and 1 & 2 Timothy can provide clear guidance on this.”

The team, with assistance from respected Christian and Alyawarr elder Eileen Bonney, are planning to do this. It will cost $1,280.

The Alyawarr team expect these two projects costing $3,610 will make a significant difference in the lives of those who speak the language.

Will you support this project, to help the Alyawarr grow in their understanding of God’s Word?

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