AvServe is a Christian not-for-organisation specialising in aviation to marginalised, remote communities.

Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia partners with them because we appreciate the need for aviation as we also support these communities.



The Australian Society for Indigenous Languages (AuSIL) does linguistic work among indigenous language communities in Australia and the Timor region.

Some of Wycliffe Australia’s members are assigned to help AuSIL develop language resources or to do translation, training, or administration.


Bethel Funerals

Bethel Funerals is a funeral business that generates funds for missions while ministering to grieving families. Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia is one of the missions that Bethel’s not-for-profit business gives to.




SIL Australia

SIL Australia is Wycliffe Australia’s linguistic training partner and offers training for cross-cultural workers in the areas of language learning, linguistics, translation, literacy and multilingual education, and other language development activities.




Steer Inc

Steer Incorporated is an Australian not-for-profit charitable organisation. They have strategies for increasing the return on investments before passing money on to reputable missions. Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia benefits from the gifts designated to us through Steer.



SILA Assist

SILA Assist (SILAA) was created to provide relief and development help in locations where SIL Australia or its partners are engaged. Consistent with the heritage of SILA, the particular focus of SILA Assist is in language areas like literacy and basic multilingual education. Many minority language communities are severely disadvantaged because they cannot read or write, even in their own language. SILA Assist works with local partners to assist with personnel and finances to help overcome this burden.

Donate to SILA Assist

Tree Tops Lodge

Tree Tops Lodge Cairns is a fully functioning motel that welcomes the wider Christian community and the general public.

This joint venture between Mission Aviation Fellowship Australia and Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia also provides emergency evacuation accommodation, rest and recreation for their workers.


Wycliffe Global Alliance

The Wycliffe Global Alliance consists of more than 100 affiliated Bible translation organisations around the world. Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia is a member of this alliance. Wycliffe Global Alliance members share resources as they support each other in the Bible translation movement.



Wycliffe Relief & Development Foundation

The Wycliffe Relief and Development Foundation receives tax-deductible gifts for various types of relief and development work, which includes medical assistance and disaster aid. This relief aid will be directed to needy communities where Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia or its partners work.



Thanks for your patience...

Waiting is hard, isn't it. But imagine waiting 2000 years for Scripture in your language! Thanks for your patience. And thanks for your generous support which will help bring the long wait to an end...