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Next Step Development (NSD) is a new initiative of Wycliffe Australia that focuses more intentionally on an interest that we have always had – supporting and empowering local organisations involved in Bible translation and related activities, in locations where we know those organisations well.

There are some key ingredients that are always part of a Next Step program.

Firstly, we do not rush into Next Step relationships quickly. It takes time to build trust.

Secondly, we are determined to exercise our listening skills much more than our talking skills. Our Next Step friends are better able to identify their needs than we are.

Thirdly, Next Step projects are undergirded in prayer, not as an afterthought or incidental component, but as a fundamental cornerstone.

Fourthly, Next Step is about building local capacity. ‘Sustainability’ may have already become a buzz-word, but it is still our objective. Locals ‘doing’and managing their own destinies, with us helping where our own skills or funds can lead to a better outcome, is our objective.

The scope of Next Step is therefore quite wide. We can assist with things like training, equipment, personnel; whatever the roadblocks are to success.

We anticipate that there will initially be no more than a dozen of these key relationships so that the appropriate level of engagement can be maintained.

We already have Next Step friends in Papua New Guinea (Bible Translation Association, BTA), two organisations in South Asia, Indonesia (Kartidaya), and are in discussions with several more.

This is an exciting phase of the development of Wycliffe Australia. Please join us in prayer and with financial support if you are able!

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