Partnership is like a lovely cuppa

Partnership in ministry work is like the perfect cuppa.

Start with the tea leaves: God provides the desire and skills to be involved in the work.

Add water: financial support makes the work possible. Every bit helps – once-off gifts as well as regular ongoing partnership. Every dollar is like a drop of water, and together all those drops fill the teapot.

Add sweetener: the encouragement of supporters, family and friends. A little bit makes a huge difference. Whatever form it comes in, each encouragement is cherished.

Add milk: the other kinds of support that make the journey that bit smoother – receiving a reply when newsletters go out, an email or letter, or having someone visit or send something from home.

Prayer is vital, and without prayer, partnering with God in his work, we can achieve nothing. Prayer is the teapot, holding everything together, so that God will be honoured.

Every time I sit down with a cup of tea, it reminds me I am not alone, that my supporters are all with me and part of the work I am doing. And I am thankful.

This story is from Wycliffe Today – April 2017 Edition (PDF)

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