Manga Buang (PNG)

  • In the Manga Buang language there are many different verbs meaning ‘carry’.
    These are some of them:

    Hadu ‘carry on, or hanging from the head’
    Haja ‘carry hanging from shoulder’
    Hako ‘carry in hands’, also used as a general term for ‘carry’
    Kaapin ‘carry against shoulder’, such as a small child
    Kava ‘carry on shoulder’
    Kud ‘carry seated on shoulders’
    Laaku ‘two or more people carry opposite ends’ as pig tied to a pole
    Peev ‘carry on back’
    Taabuuh ‘carry in open arms’
    Tuuh ‘carry in teeth or beak’
    Vadang ‘carry in a sling’
    Vama ‘carry in mouth’ as an animal carries its young.<

    Which would be the appropriate verb to use in each of the following verses?

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