Short Term Trips

There is nothing like experiencing first-hand the impact that the Bible has on people’s lives. Why not consider joining one of our short-term trips to see for yourself?

Ministry, Adventure and Discovery.


Planned for 29 June – 16 July 2019

  • Visit Aboriginal communities
  • Meet the translators
  • See the effects of Bible translation
  • Experience life in the outback
  • Explore new opportunities to use your gifts
  • Usually departs Melbourne and ends in Darwin
  • Runs during June/July holidays

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Past short term trips that Wycliffe Australia has run.  If there is enough interest, we would consider running them again.


MAD Poland       

Ran in 2017 in conjunction with Melbourne School of Theology.

  • Visit Poland, including places of historic interest
  • Share with church plants and encourage them
  • Take part in outreach activities
  • Learn about Polish history
  • Mid-late September, all costs included

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MAD Vanuatu                   

Ran in 2018 in conjunction with Diamond Valley Baptist Church

  • Visit the islands of Vanuatu
  • Come alongside translation teams in the village
  • Lead children’s activities
  • Encourage people to use the Bible through skits & drama
  • Hike, go fishing or snorkelling
  • Run during June/July holidays

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Not quite what you are after?  Would you rather teach English to adults or be a part of a Work Party?    Hyperlink these options    if there are any running currently

Contact your local Regional Office for more information

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