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As Deputy CEO, I have found my role in working with people both rewarding and challenging. People are our most precious resource when it comes to ministry and it is an absolute privilege to work with some very outstanding people.

Personnel and member-care are some of those behind the scenes roles that are crucial to a healthy organisation. Many tricky situations arise that require a lot of wisdom, and one cannot do it without constantly bringing these challenges to our Heavenly Father. The love and care shown from the team is a wonderful thing to see in practice.

explore-wycliffe-dayOur regional representatives connect with people from all walks of life and journey with them as they discern what God’s will is for their lives. One of the most important aspects in this role is passion – passion for God, his Son, his Spirit and the Word of God. There are many needs in the regional offices.  It requires great patience and prayer as we wait for God to raise the right people to meet those needs.

Finally, we are thankful for our volunteers. They are an amazing group of people who use their resources and skills to further Bible translation ministry. We could not have done as much as we have been able to without them.

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dave-wakeAbout the Author: Dave Wake is the Deputy CEO of Wycliffe Australia. He oversees the Personnel Department, National Ministries Department (which includes Wycliffe regional representatives), Wycliffe Assist and volunteers.

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