In Search Of The Source

By Neil Anderson.
Experience the life-changing power of God’s Word with Bible translators Neil and Carol Anderson. Watch with them as translated Scripture leads the Folopa people of Papua New Guinea out of bondage and into freedom in Christ, the source of true life.

The Multilingual God – stories of Translation

This book, while showing how Bible translators stay true to the meaning of the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures, also shows how they express the meaning in a way that is understood by many diverse language speakers. It gives tribute to past Translators, while showing the future of translation with mother tongue and multi cultural teams.

When God’s Word Speaks

Introduction by Bob Creson
A collection of stories written by missionaries, executives, pastors, Bible translators and communities encountering scripture for the first time. It records how God used his Word to speak into people’s lives bringing transformation and shows the importance of the Bible in the formation of God’s Kingdom.

‘Rough Edges’ (Christians living abroad)

Written by Rhena Taylor
A missionary who has worked in Ethiopia
then Kenya has written short stories of
excitement, conflict, tension and heartache,
where the rough edges of human nature are
exposed to view, but where God is still at work.
Also available from Wycliffe USA

Coffee On The Terrace

The fascinating account of the life of the Kalinga people of the northern Philippines through the eyes of Australian Wycliffe members Bruce and Judith Grayden who lived amongst them. ‘Coffee on the Terrace’ is a story of hope and perseverance. Filled with suspense and danger, this contemporary Bible translation story unfolds with cliff-hanging drama to a riveting conclusion only God could have arranged.

By Bruce Grayden.

Daily Readings

A series of Bible readings with commentary to help people in their daily walk with Jesus. One reading for each day of the year.

By Rex Hayward

Cameron Townsend: Good News in Every Language

During WWI, Cameron Townsend (1896-1982) was told, ‘You’ll do more good selling Bibles in Central America than you would shooting Germans in France.’ Cameron began by translating the Bible into the language of his Guatemalan friends. He then started Wycliffe Bible Translators with the dream of making the Good News available in every language. Since 1942, Wycliffe has translated Scripture into hundreds of languages, spreading God’s Word to people everywhere.

By Janet & Geoff Benge.

Also available on Kindle here

The Wycliffe Cookbook

A mixture of well-known and exotic dishes with easy-to-follow recipes. Lots of tips and helpful international conversion tables in the back for your convenience.

Uncle Cam

From humble beginnings as a Bible salesman in Guatemala in 1917, Cameron Townsend caught a vision of the Bible in all languages for all people. Read more about the story and dedication of William Cameron Townsend.

By James and Marti Hefley

What do we do now?

The path on which God took Alan & Phyllis Healey constantly ran into situations they felt were beyond them. They kept asking God, ‘What do we do now?’ Read how God guided and provided each time they sought him with this question.

Thanks for your patience...

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